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Security of Funds

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Leading insurance provider

We have taken further steps to protect our liability against Clients and other third parties by obtaining Civil Liability insurance for a limit of $5,000,000, which includes market-leading coverage against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud, and various other risks.
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Industry leader

Bull Capital Trading, a leader in online trading around the world, focuses on forex, derivatives on US and UK stocks. Our international reputation, award-winning services, and international recognition for excellence ensure the protection of funds.
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Accounts with major banks

Only well-known international banks are employed by Bull Capital Trading. Since Bull Capital Trading has the power and global recognition of a major brand, major institutions can offer commodities, spot metals, and index liquidity through company
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Segregation of funds

Client money is deposited into different bank accounts than those used by the business. Due to their non-balance sheet inclusion, these monies cannot be used to repay creditors in the unlikely event that the Company defaults.
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Protecting your negative balance

It is a common phenomenon in the stock market for prices to fluctuate. When stop-outs and margin calls cannot be applied due to extremely volatile circumstances, single clients are not forced to pay back negative balances.
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Assessing and managing risks

Each type of risk is continually identified, assessed, and monitored by the Company. Review policies, arrangements, and procedures to determine whether they are adequate to meet the company's future financial needs.